Medical Services for everyone

Skilled Nursing Care

AGHC specializes in managing and providing education regarding all aspects of wound care, prevention, disease management and symptom control. It also provides health education and support for diabetes, heart or lung disease, stroke, cancer and other chronic conditions.  In addition, it will help supervise your medication as well as provide I.V. therapy, ostomy and catheter care.

Physical Therapy

AGHC physical therapists work to increase your strength and mobility. It provides education on techniques to promote increased activity tolerance and independence following your illness or injury. Physical Therapy can include such things as developing a personal home exercise program, teaching you balance and fall prevention, or ordering mobility equipment and teaching you how to use it.

Occupational Therapy

AGHC occupational therapists will help you regain independence in all aspects of your life.  We understand how difficult it is to perform regular activities of daily living after a serious illness or injury.  It will assist you new strategies and techniques to make the transition to wellness as smooth as possible. These may include ordering safety equipment for your bathroom, teaching self-care skills, pacing and breathing techniques, and training your caregivers.

Speech Therapy

AGHC speech therapists will work with you to restore your valuable communications tools. If you’re having difficulty speaking, hearing or understanding others, we can help.  We are specialists in all aspects of cognition: including memory, sequencing and problem-solving.  In addition, we can identify and treat problems with swallowing and oral motor control.

Medical Social Worker

When you are ill or recovering from an injury, you may need help with other things in your life. Our medical social workers can recommend local resources for a variety of services, including counseling and emotional support for you and your family.

Home Health Aides

AGHC aides will give you hands-on help with simple chores of daily living such as hygiene and grooming, dressing, bathing, exercise, meal preparation and light housekeeping.


AGHC provides sitters for you and if you are in the hospital, AGHC can assist you in locating for an assisted living or residential care homes. It can also provide companionship services, personal care services, housekeeping services and spiritual care.

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Abba Gentle Healthcare is a provider of healthcare and other related services to clients in their homes.  We provide personnel and technological support on a 24-hour basis ...

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The Gentle and godly way of caring for your loved ones.

Your single source for all of your Home Health Care Needs.

We are committed to save people's lives by teaching all our clients and their family members HANDS ONLY CPR.

AGHC supports American Heart Association.

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, VA, private pay and other kind of insurance.


Non Discrimination Policy

Abba Gentle Healthcare LLC, operates under the strict policy of nondiscrimination towards any of our clients and employees because of ancestry, national origins, religious creed, color, sex, physical or mental ability.

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